Mount Mercy Art Department
Mount Mercy Art Department Mount Mercy Art Department Mount Mercy Art Department Mount Mercy Art Department Mount Mercy Art Department Mount Mercy Art Department

Mount Mercy Art Department

The MMC Art Department averages between 35 and 40 art majors. Students have full access to all department facilities day and night. In fact, they OWN the space! Students come from a variety of backgrounds and high schools or transfer from other colleges. There are Art Scholarships available for both majors and non-majors. Art Students like to HANG OUT in the Art Department! In Fact, they almost LIVE there at certain times of the semester! More than once faculty has come into to their office in the morning to find someone asleep on the lounge couch or in the middle of the drawing still life! They become a close knit group are regularly take opportunities to show their work on campus and in the community. At the end of their four years, undergraduates make funny "trophies" for each graduating senior and present them at the opening of their senior exhibition.
At any given time you can see students working in most of the art labs in Warde and McAuley Hall. They have their own Computer lab, Photography Lab, Sculpture lab, as well as labs in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, Fiber Arts and New Media. They also take Art History and Appreciation Courses. For these courses they have state of the art access to all images via an online image databank available to them in dorms and elsewhere through the Icampus network. Most senior thesis student and most painting and drawing students have their own permanent small studio area for the semester they are in those courses. Here you'll see images of students in their studio areas at work or involved in conversations and critiques. Outside of class time, art Students belong to the Art Club and other leadership organizations. They mount student exhibitions and community-based projects, volunteer in area art centers and schools, and travel to Chicago, Kansas City. St. Louis, and Minneapolis to see more art. Students also have the option to do Winter Term study abroad courses in Oaxaca, Mexico, and Europe and Asia.

Student Testimonials

I love how open and energetic the department is. The atmosphere just seems inviting.
-Melanie S.

I like that we get good feedback on our work; the constructive criticism is very helpful.
-Bryan J.

I like the fact that we are encouraged to think for ourselves when it comes to art. We are not limited to what we can accomplish or achieve in different medias.
-Melanie B.

I like that we are encouraged to step outside traditional means and modes of thinking in order to create without limits.
-Katie G.

I enjoy the personal relationships that develop between students and the art faculty. There's much more one-on-one time.
-Margaret C.

I enjoy the fact that the faculty does not sugar-coat how the real world works.
-Centauri A.

I love having access to Warde Hall late at night.
Jacob H.

I like the sense of community between the students, and the knowledge the professors share.
-Maggie W.